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Kali Linux 2.0 Tutorials : Metasploit First Run

How To start Mestasploit for the first time on Kali Linux ?

 Metasploit Framework First Run on Kali Linux 2.0

kali linux 2.0 metasploit tutorial hacking

To run metasploit on kali linux 2.0 for the first time  there are a couple of steps that need to be taken in order to get Metasploit up and running with database support.

Start the Kali PostgreSQL Service

Metasploit uses PostgreSQL as its database so it needs to be launched first.
service postgresql start
kali linux 2.0 metasploit postgresql


Initialise the Metasploit PostgreSQL Database:

With PostgreSQL up and running, we next need to create and initialize the msf database.

msfdb init

kali linux 2.0 metasploit framework start msfdb

Launch msfconsole in Kali

Now that the PostgreSQL service is up and running and the database is initialized, you can launch msfconsole.



kali linux 2.0 metasploit msfconsole

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