The top 10 signs that your Son is a Hacker

How To Know If My Son is A Hacker ?

is your son a Computer Hacker?

Is your Son a Computer Hacker?

The top ten signs that your son is a hacker. I advise any parents to read this list carefully and if their son matches the profile, they should take action. A smart parent will first try to reason with their son, before resorting to groundings, or even spanking. I pride myself that I have never had to spank a child, and I hope this guide will help other parents to put a halt to their son’s misbehaviour before a spanking becomes necessary.

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  1. This is fucking retarded. 1st if your son asks can we get a new ISP. Its probably cause you got shitnet and he can't play his ps4/Xbox without lagging . + your reason of the ISP isn't hacker friendly he would be either using a VPN so it wouldn't matter what the ISP is or he's a dumb ass.

    2nd. Is he doing terrible In school. Well kinda true if hes focusing on hacking rather then school but I never hacked when I was in school and I only had d's and f's.

    3rd he asks for new hardware. . . . . well no shit a kids going to ask for new hardware as time goes on computer games require more hardware I mean ffs I have a 2015 PC and by the beginning of 2016 I was finding games I couldn't play because not enough horse power

    4th. Has he changed appearance. If your kid still lives with you he's most likely going through puberty and all kinds of things will be changing. If he is way older I think you need to tell your kid to get a job and get da fuuuuckkkk out.

    5th. Is he obsessed with Linux. Wtf kind of question is that. It don't matter if he's on Linux or not. You can hack with any platform. I use Linux every day. I mainly use it when I go to the local library because the site blocker is installed directly in the system itself so a bootable Linux means I can easily browse Facebook

    6th is he becoming argumentive. Again back to my fourth point. Most likely puberty and along with puberty comes arguments, fashion change, and everything in between a-z

    7th does your son spend hours on the computer. Well I would say your child is either playing a mmorpg and . hackingching videos while he "shakes the snake"

    Now u did make 2 good points
    Is he using quake. I never used it /heard of it but if it is what u say then ya be precautions and check what he's doing

    As far as the programs go ya if u see apps like that again be precautions
    But 2 counter points
    1 most hacking tools don't require a install so it won't show up under installed apps

    And 2 because they are non installed applications they will most likely be put on a flash drive for portable hacking and to keep parents off there ass

  2. AMD is an American company, you ignorant twit.
    Also, it's spelled "Linux" not "lunix". Linux isn't a hacker tool. It's an OS like Windows or OSX.
    "Quake" is just a game. Idiots.

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