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Kali Linux Tools : SFUZZ (Vulnerability Analysis)



Simple Fuzz by Aaron Conole

Why’d i write this? I used to be getting to use spike for recording machine testing at work, but the matter thereupon is – However do i buy the folks in SQA to be ready to really hammer away at my stuff? They are not software system engineers and in several cases area unit barely competent programmers. giving them a large computer program, based on SPIKE that may need serious modification sounded like i’d be setting  myself up for maintenance nightmares, and meagerly code coverage. However – SPIKE is extremely powerful, terribly versatile, and really documented. This is
true however has one caveat: All the ability and suppleness and pie of SPIKE comes at the price of a steep learning curve. It needs time to find out, and when a bug may surface, would need time delving into internals that I don’t want to be ‘the guy’ for at work.

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