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Kali Linux Tools : SFUZZ (Vulnerability Analysis)


Kali Linux SFUZZ – Black Box testing utilities

To see all commands and help about sfuzz :

root@kali:~# sfuzz -h
Simple Fuzzer
By:  Aaron Conole
version: 0.7.0
url:     http://aconole.brad-x.com/programs/sfuzz.html
EMAIL:   apconole@yahoo.com
Build-prefix: /usr
-h   This message.
-V   Version information.
networking / output:
-v   Verbose output
-q   Silent output mode (generally for CLI fuzzing)
-X   prints the output in hex
-b   Begin fuzzing at the test specified.
-e   End testing on failure.
-t   Wait time for reading the socket
-S   Remote host
-p   Port
-T|-U|-O TCP|UDP|Output mode
-R   Refrain from closing connections (ie: “leak” them)
-f   Config File
-L   Log file
-n   Create a new logfile after each fuzz
-r   Trim the tailing newline
-D   Define a symbol and value (X=y).
-l   Only perform literal fuzzing
-s   Only perform sequence fuzzing


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