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KALI LINUX TOOLS : BBQSQL (Vulnerability Analysis)

How To Use BBSQL On Kali Linux

What is BBQSQL ?

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Blind SQL injection will be a pain to use. once the out there tools work they work well, however once they do not you have got to jot down one thing custom. this is often long and tedious. BBQSQL will assist you address those problems.

BBQSQL may be a blind SQL injection framework written in Python. it’s very helpful once offensive difficult SQL injection vulnerabilities. BBQSQL is additionally a semi-automatic tool, permitting quite an little bit of customization for those onerous to trigger SQL injection findings. The tool is constructed to be information agnostic and is very versatile. It conjointly has an intuitive UI to form fitting attacks a lot of easier. Python gevent is additionally enforced, creating BBQSQL very quick.

The author tried to put in writing the tool in such the way that it might be terribly self instructive once putting in associate attack within the UI. However, for sake of painstakingness the devloppers of BBQSQL enclosed an in depth Readme that ought to offer you extra insight on the specifics of every configuration choice. One factor to notice is that each configuration choice within the UI contains a description related to it, thus if you are doing value more highly to stir up the tool while not reading this page you ought to be ready to hack your manner through associate attack.

Similar to other SQL injection tools you provide certain request information.

Must provide the usual information:
  • URL
  • HTTP Method
  • Headers
  • Cookies
  • Encoding methods
  • Redirect behavior
  • Files
  • HTTP Auth
  • Proxies
Then specify where the injection is going and what syntax we are injecting.

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