Black Friday 2016: 10 Basics ways to protect your self from Hacking

How To Protect Your Self From Hacking


1 – Never use identical password more than once

Many people are guilty of getting had identical password for each account for years and, even worse than that, the foremost common twenty five passwords embrace “123456“, “password“, and “abc123“. the most effective way to keep your on-line accounts – from your net banking to social media – secure is to never use identical password over once.

Use the above tips to pick a strong password that people won’t be able to guess and run it through a password tester.

Create a distinct password for every on-line account that you simply have and store them during a word manager, like DashLane, 1Password or LastPass. These services store passwords firmly, save time from endlessly typewriting them out after you log in, and may arbitrarily generate keys for you.

Once you have created a secure set of account logins make certain you do not share your passwords with anyone.

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