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Learn C ++ Programming Language For Hackers [Lesson 6]

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After our previous articles about C++ Programming Languages for hackers today we share with you the 6th lessons about Pointers!

Pointers can be confusing, and from time to time, you’ll surprise why you’d ever need to use them. the reality is, they will build some things a lot of easier. as an example, using pointers is a method to possess a operate modify a variable passed to that. It’s additionally attainable to use tips that could dynamically apportion memory permitting bound programming techniques, like connected lists and resizable arrays. Pointers are what they sound like…pointers. They purpose to locations in memory. Image an enormous jar that holds the situation of another jar. Within the alternative jar holds a chunk of paper with the amount 12 written on that. The jar with the 12 is associate degree number, and therefore the jar with the memory address of the 12 may be a pointer.

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