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KALI LINUX TOOLS : ASLEAP (Wireless Attacks)

How To Hack PPTP VPNs with ASLEAP on Kali Linux

Tools included in the Asleap

asleap – Actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords

root@kali:~# asleap -h

    -r  Read from a libpcap file
    -i  Interface to capture on
    -f  Dictionary file with NT hashes
    -n  Index file for NT hashes
    -s  Skip the check to make sure authentication was successful
    -h  Output this help information and exit
    -v  Print verbose information (more -v for more verbosity)
    -V  Print program version and exit
    -C  Challenge value in colon-delimited bytes
    -R  Response value in colon-delimited bytes
    -W  ASCII dictionary file (special purpose)

genkeys – Generates lookup file for asleap

root@kali:~# genkeys

    -r  Input dictionary file, one word per line
    -f  Output pass+hash filename
    -n  Output index filename
    -h  Last 2 hash bytes to filter with (optional)

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