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Penetration Testing – The power of Social Media websites

How To use Social Media Websites on Penetration Testing ?

Penetration Testing With Kali Linux

In our courses Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing with Kali Linux on Section 2 Real World Information Intelligence Techniques we explain to you how to use Social Media websites for information gathering before starting your penetration testing.

Social Media can be used to identify individuals associated with the customer and their interests. can be used target individuals for social engineering and spear phishing campaigns.

Social Media websites all serve different purposes and have different interactions. Three popular sites and can be used to gather various types of information.

Facebook – Posts tend be current events or situations. May include location data (Facebook Places).

Twitter – More of a stream of consciousness application. The “pulse” of an employee. May include location data (Foursquare or similar).

LinkedIn – Job related information which may contain technical experience and work on various projects.


Social Media Websites – Penetration Testing

We share with you a video with more explanation on How to use Social Media Websites on Penetration Testing.

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