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How To Install Skype On Ubuntu 14.04 :

Ubuntu 14.04 Tutorials : How to Install Skype ?

How To Install Skype On Ubuntu 14.04 Lts Step By Step for Beginners:

ubuntu 14.04 tutorials

Skype  is a freemium voice-over-IP service and instant messaging client, developed by the Microsoft Skype Division. The name was derived from “sky” and “peer”.

Skype supports almost all OS platforms . It offers free skype to skype calls low call costs to mobiles and landlines.

This tutorial is to easy and you can instal skype with any troubls just with a few lines of command.

Open the Terminal and Type : 

sudo add-apt-repository “deb $(lsb_release -sc) partner”

This command will enable ubuntu canonical repository.

Now update your repository with the below command:

sudo apt-get update 

And install Skype with this simple command : 

sudo apt-get install skype

ubuntu 14.04 tutorials

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