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Kali Linux 2.0 Release Day and features :

About Kali Linux 2.0 Kali Sana

Kali Linux 2.0 (Kali Sana) Release Day and features :

Kali linux tutorials
Kali Linux 2.0 (Kali Sana)

Kali Linux 2.0 Sana Coming in 2 days :

having received several questions from the k4linux fans
on our Facebook and Twitter
pages, about the
date of realization and new features of Kali
Linux 2.0 Sana
, here’s an article that answers your
As We Know, Kali Linux has been a widely
successful system developed by Offensive Security through the rewrite of
BackTrack, another forensics Linux distribution.
This popular hacking and penetration testing
platform will release Kali Linux 2.0, codenamed Kali Sana, on August 11, 2015.

Kali Linux 2.0 Features :

The team working on the
realization of Kali Linux 2.0 refuses to go deep into the details and has published on the official website : “There’s a lot
of new features and interesting new aspects to this updated version, however
we’ll keep our mouths shut until we’re done with the release. We won’t leave
you completely hanging though…here’s a small teaser of things to come!”

And here’s the promotional video for the new version
of kali linux : 

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