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The Hacker Playbook – Practical Guide To Penetration Testing PDF

The Hacker Playbook: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing With Kali Linux PDF

Practical Guide To Penetration Testing Ebook

kali linux hacker ebook penetration testing k4linux

K4linux team share withe you today one of the beautiful Hacking Ebook, this wonderful practical guide to penetration testing The Hacker Playbook that you can use to learn how to be professional on penetration testing and as you know all the tutorials on this ebook are explained on Kali Linux.

DownloadThe Hacker Playbook 2 – Practical Guide To Penetration Testing PDF


This book assumes that you have some knowledge of common security tools, have used a little Metasploit, and keep up somewhat with the security industry. You don’t have to be a penetration tester to take full advantage of the book; but it helps if your passion is for security.
My purpose in writing this book is to create a straightforward and practical approach to penetration testing. There are many security books that discuss every type of tool and every type of vulnerability, where only small portions of the attacks seem to be relevant to the average penetration tester. My hope is that this book will help you evolve your security knowledge and better understand how you need to protect your own environment.
Throughout the book, I’ll be going into techniques and processes that I feel are real world and part of a typical penetration engagement.

The Hacker Playbook: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing pdf

There are 10 different sections to this book, laid out as a football playbook. The 10 sections are:

  1. Pregame: This is all about how to set up your attacking machines and the tools we’ll use throughout the book.
  2. Before the Snap: Before you can run any plays, you need to scan your environment and understand what you are up against. We’ll dive into discovery and smart scanning.
  3. The Drive: Take those vulnerabilities which you identified from the scans, and exploiting those systems. This is where we get our hands a little dirty and start exploiting boxes.
  4. The Throw: Sometimes you need to get creative and look for the open target. We’ll take a look at how to find and exploit manual Web Application findings.
  5. The Lateral Pass – After you have compromised a system, how to move laterally through the network.
  6. The Screen – A play usually used to trick the enemy. This chapter will explain some social engineering tactics.
  7. The Onside Kick – A deliberately short kick that requires close distance. Here I will describe attacks that require physical access.
  8.  Sometimes you get stuck with antivirus (AV); this chapter describes how to get over those small hurdles by evading AV.
  9. Special Teams – Cracking passwords, exploits, and some tricks
  10. Post-Game Analysis – Reporting your findings

Before we dig into how to attack different networks, pivot through security controls, and evade AV, I
want to get you into the right mindset. Imagine you have been hired as the penetration tester to test the overall security of a Fortune 500 company. Where do you start? What are you your baseline security tests? How do you provide consistent testing for all of your clients and when do you deviate from that line? This is how I am going to deliver the messages of this book.

Download The Hacker Playbook pdf

Now you can download the Hacker Playbook practical guide to penetration testing pdf, we wish that this ebook will help you to grow as a Penetration and Security tester don’t forget to share with your friends!

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The Hacker Playbook 2 – Practical Guide To Penetration Testing PDF