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Kali Linux Social Engineering – Ebook [PDF]

Social Engineering With Kali Linux Ebook

Download Kali Linux Social Engineering – Ebook [PDF]kali linux social engineering ebook pdf download k4linux

Effectively perform efficient and organized social engineering tests and penetration testing using Kali Linux.  With this ebook you will be available to perform a social engineering attacks with SET using kali linux.

This book contains instructions on how to perpetrate attacks with Kali Linux. These tasks are likely to be illegal in your jurisdiction in many circumstances, or at least count as a terms of service violation or professional misconduct. The instructions are provided so that you can test your system against threats, understand the nature of those threats, and protect your own systems from similar attacks.

Typically, employees are not aware of the tricks and techniques used by social engineers in which they can be used as mediators to gain valuable information such as credit card details or corporate secrets. The security of the entire organization can be at stake if an employee visits a malicious website, answers a social engineer’s phone call, or clicks on the malicious link that he/she received in their personal or company e-mail ID. This book discusses the different scenario-based social engineering attacks, both manual and computerized, that might render the organization’s security ineffective.

This book is for security professionals who want to ensure the security of their organization against social engineering attacks.

This book is for any ethical person with the drive, conviction, and willingness to think out of the box and learn about security testing. This book is recommended for anyone who receives and sends e-mails working in any position in an organization. If you are a penetration tester, security consultant, or just generally have an interest in testing the security of your environment against social engineering attacks, this book is for you.

What this book covers?

download kali linux social engineering pdf free k4linux

Chapter 1, Introduction to Social Engineering Attacks, introduces the concept of social engineering attacks, both manual and computerized, and the different phases involved.

Chapter 2, Understanding Website Attack Vectors, discusses how a social engineer can get inside a computer system or network server by attacking elements of the application layer—web browsers and e-mail—to compromise the system and how to formulate new policies to make employees secure from these types of attacks.

Chapter 3, Performing Client-side Attacks through SET, guides you to perform client-side attacks through SET and discusses how to create listeners and payloads. It also sheds light on the different types of payloads, on bypassing AV signatures, and on some other advanced features of the SET toolkit. You will learn how a mass mailer attack is performed and how one can send spoofed SMS.

Chapter 4, Understanding Social Engineering Attacks, guides you through the methods of performing both technical and nontechnical social engineering attacks, such as performing identity theft, elicitation, and attacking a web browser and an application on a remote machine.

Download Kali Linux Social Engineering Ebook PDF

To Download the Social engineering Kali Linux ebook click on the link below :

kali linux download ebook pdf

If you have encountered a problem or you have any questions or remarks please feel free to set a comment.

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