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Penetration Testing with Kali Linux – Ddos Attack (Golden Eye)

How To Dos Attack using GoldenEye on Kali Linux 2.0 Kali Sana

kali linux 2.0 ddos attack

Today in we going to talk about how to use GoldenEye to perform a ddos attack, if you want learn about ddos attack you just need to read the article  about what is a Ddos Attack?
In this tutorial we will use GoldenEye.
This tutorial is for educational purposes only and we are NOT responsible in any way for how this information is used, use it at your own risk. 

What is GoldenEye ?

GoldenEye is an python app for SECURITY TESTING PURPOSES ONLY! And he is a HTTP DoS Test Tool.

 Dowloading GoldenEye :

To Download GoldenEye Go To :
Ore open your Terminal on KAli Linux 2.0 and follow:

root@k4linux:~# git clone
Cloning into ‘GoldenEye’…
remote: Counting objects: 70, done.
remote: Total 70 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 70
Unpacking objects: 100% (70/70), done.
Checking connectivity… done.
root@k4linux:~# cd GoldenEye/
root@k4linux:~/GoldenEye# ls  res  util

How To Use GoldenEye :

GoldenEye it simple to use after downloading it go to the folder where you saved them.
Change the permission and make it executable :

root@k4linux:~/GoldenEye# chmod +x

 And run the script :

 root@k4linux:~/GoldenEye# ./ [OPTIONS]

 To show all options :

root@k4linux:~/GoldenEye# ./ -h

 Watch the video tutorial for more explanation (GoldenEye):

All the steps for this tutorial are explained on a Video on our Youtube Channel you can subscribe to it by this link they are many other tutorials that you can learn about bypassing and hacking and others basics tutorials about kali linux 2.0 (Kali Sana).

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Source : Kali Linux Ddos Attack


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