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Beginning Linux Programming – Ebook [PDF]

Download Beginning Linux Programing 4 PDF

Beginning Linux Programming Ebook

In this book we aim to give you an introduction to a wide variety of topics important to you as a developer using Linux. The word Beginning in the title refers more to the content than to your skill level.

We’ve structured the book to help you learn more about what Linux has to offer, however much experience you have already. Linux programming is a large field and we aim to cover enough about a wide range of topics to give you a good “beginning” in each subject.

All computer programmers have their own piles of notes and scribbles. They have their code examples saved from the past heroic dive into the manuals or from Usenet, where sometimes even fools fear to follow. (The other body of opinion is that fools all get free Usenet access and use it nonstop.) It is therefore perhaps strange that so few books follow such a style.

In the online world there are a lot of short, to-the-point documents about specific areas of programming and administration. The Linux documentation project released a whole pile of documents covering everything from installing Linux and Windows on the same machine to wiring your coffee machine to Linux. Seriously.

The book world, on the other hand, seems to consist mostly of either learned tomes, detailed and very complete works that you don’t have time to read, or books for complete beginners that you buy for friends as a joke. There are very few books that try to cover the basics of a lot of useful areas.

This book is one of them, a compendium of those programmers’ notes and scribbles, deciphered (try reading a programmer’s hand-writing), edited, and brought together coherently as a book.

Who’s This Book For?

If you’re a programmer who wishes to get up to speed with the facilities that Linux (or UNIX) offers software developers, to maximize your programming time and your application’s use of the Linux system, you’ve picked up the right book.Clear explanations and a tried and tested step-by-step approach will help you progress rapidly and pick up all the key techniques.

We assume you have some experience in C and/or C++ programming, perhaps in Windows or some other system, but we try to keep the book’s examples simple so that you don’t need to be an expert C coder to follow this book. Where direct comparisons exist between Linux programming and C/C++ programming, these are indicated in the text.


Download Linux Programming Ebook PDF

In this book, we’ll give you a taste of programming for Linux. To help you get the most from the chapters, you should try out the examples as you read.

These also provide a good base for experimentation and will hopefully inspire you to create programs of your own. We hope you will read this book in conjunction with experimenting on your own Linux installation.


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