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Academic Study Of The Darknet – How To Buy illegal stuff online

The Darknet Secrets – Buy illegal stuff online

How To Buy illegal stuff on the Darknet

QR and Vic will walk attendees through an A-Z tutorial on how people buy illegal items online. These items include stolen data, financial account login credentials, credit card data, fake IDs, drugs, weapons, rootkits/trojans/malware, etc.

What You Will Discover

This presentation will show attendees:

  • How to be untraceable when using Darknet market places
  • How to find Darknet market sites and assess their reputations
  • How to set up secure identities to use Darknet sites
  • How to buy and protect Bitcoins
  • What’s available for sale on Darknet sites
  • How to buy illegal items and receive them with reasonable protection/security


DISCLAIMER: Neither Vic nor QR condone, encourage, or endorse anyone to do anything shown in this presentation beyond the 100% legal activities of; buying Bitcoins, setting up encryption and digital signature keys, and using safe surfing tools to provide online anonymity. The presenters do not buy or sell items on the Dark Web and they give fair warning that some people do get arrested and prosecuted for such activities. This information is being shared purely for academic observance and individual awareness purposes.

About The Authors

Vic Vandal is his name, digital havoc is his game! From skateboards to keyboards and everything in between, Vic can manipulate, conjugate, and detonate his tactical skills (that pay the bills) to burn your eyes with visual napalm! Trained in cyber-warfare by the United States armed forces (actually it was more vice-versa, but such details are unimportant).

Vic is now a digital mercenary ready to unleash his diabolical digital deeds for the right price. His objective? Communications! A modern day ENIAC, Vic makes, creates, and propagates the everyday analog into digital mayhem for the masses. A Wizard of Oz in his own private cyber-wonderland, he is on his way to taking over all global transmissions. All your base are belong to him!

Quiet Riot, AKA “QR”, is ever searching for comfortable shoes, dry technical reading material, and passionate peers. He grew up on a farm in Western New York with a mechanical shop full of tools and challenges just across the street. The hacker mindset set in. In school he was drawn to FreeBSD, crypto, bio systems, RF, privacy, locksport and filmmaking. He spoke at the first CarolinaCon about lock manipulation and even today enjoys gutting locks, and drinking porters, with Oak City Locksport [.com!] on sunny Sunday afternoons. Daytime he designs and builds automated video studios, for multi-site virtualized telebriefings, around the globe. Bitcoin became a strong interest for QR in 2010.

Darknet – Buy Safely

All the steps on this Tutorial are explained on a Video Conference on CaliforniaCon. The CaliforniaCon Group is a non-profit organization registered in the state of NC, dedicated to educating the local and global communities about technology, information/network/computer security, and information rights.

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With Love and Prosperity K4LINUX-TEAM.


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