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Kali Ebook – Mastering Kali Linux For Advanced Penetration Testing

[PDF] Mastering Kali Linux For Advanced Penetration Testing

Kali Linux Ebook – Penetration Testing

Mastering Kali Linux For Advanced Penetration Testing: A practical guide to testing your network’s security with Kali Linux, the preferred choice of penetration testers and hackers. By Robert W. Beggs.

This Kali Linux book is dedicated to the use of Kali Linux in performing penetration tests against networks. A penetration test simulates an attack against a network or a system by a malicious outsider or insider. Unlike a vulnerability assessment, penetration testing is designed to include the exploitation phase.

Mastering Kali Linux For Advanced Penetration Testing [PDF]

Most of the professionals / security enthusiasts / Researchers are well-aware with the Penetration Testing Platform – ‘Kali Linux‘ which is a newer version of the Backtrack Framework.

For a Security professional it is of utmost importance to know this platform, this book is a good resource for getting introduced to various tools and their working mechanics.

The author in this book has very well conveyed the a b c…. of the kali linux, including ups & downs of a penetration testing.

The following are the Pros & Cons I came across while reading this book:

Kali Ebook – Pros

  • Simplicity - a novice user can just follow the chapters with the kali linux installed in the system, the screen shots prove very much useful and decrease the initial learning curve on the topic.
  • 'The attackers kill - chain' Explained Excellently. The phases of recon and information gathering, which are vital for any successful attack are shown here quite nicely.
  • An overview of most famous tools such as Nmap, Metasploit framework, recon-ng framework is given to help readers know and explore these tools.
  • Extra tools that can be used in every phase of the kill chain are shown that adds more fun to learning.
  • Clear and simple understanding of the matters related to security.
  • The part of 'exploit' & 'attack' is interesting and fun to learn.


Kali Ebook – Cons

  • Very little info on 'Maltego' is provided, expected some more on Maltego, so that more features and power of maltego can be demonstrated.
  • Info on some more tools could have been given.

To Sum up, this book can prove to be a very useful resource to anyone who is interested in information security / Penetration Testing, Security Professional for sharpening their skills. Also, for System Administrators / IT managers this book can benefit them as they will know the possible attack vectors and patch them if they find before a ‘Black Hat‘ does.

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