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TheHarvester – Gathering names and e-mail addresses on Kali Linux

Penetration Testing With Kali Linux – TheHarvester

TheHarvester – Gathering names and e-mail addresses

In many social engineering or recon scenarios, you’ll want to find email addresses for a person or members of an organization. On Kali Linux, theHarvester is used for email addresses gathering.

The theharvester tool is a Python script that searches through popular search engines and other sites for e-mail addresses, hosts, and subdomains.

Using theharvester is relatively simple as there are only a few command switches to set. The options available are:

-d: This identifies the domain to be searched; usually the domain or target’s website.
– b: This identifies the source for extracting the data; it must be one of the following:
Bing, BingAPI, Google, Google-Profiles, Jigsaw, LinkedIn, People123, PGP, or All
– l: This limit option instructs theharvester to only harvest data from a specified number of returned search results.
-f: This option is used to save the final results to an HTML and an XML file. If this option is omitted, the results will be displayed on the screen and not saved.

The following screenshot shows the results of a simple search of the Google indexes for the domain

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