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Penetration Testing With Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi – Penetration Testing – Kali Linux

Penetration Testing With Raspberry Pi

Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi

On K4linux we will share with you a series of articles about Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi. The Focus of this free training courses is to learn how to combine the power of Kali Linux with the portability and low cost of a Raspberry Pi. The result is an extremely flexible penetration testing platform for specific projects that don’t require applications with high processing power needs.

We have used this toolset to conduct penetration and vulnerability testing from remote locations, used the portability of the Raspberry Pi to test security assessment covertly at different locations, and have configured the Raspberry Pi to be managed remotely with little footprint.

Using Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi can provide a penetration tester with a unique and cost-effective option to accomplish testing objectives.

What You need for this

On K4linux we will provide to you details on how to purchase a Raspberry Pi and other system components.

Kali Linux and other software applications referenced in this series are open source, meaning they are free for download.

Who this training program are for

The focus of this educational training course is to turn a Raspberry Pi into a hacking arsenal.

By leveraging the most popular open source penetration toolsetPenetration Testing with raspberry pi and kali linux.

You are a penetration tester who wants to save on travel costs by placing a low-cost node on a target network, you will save thousands by using the methods covered in these tutorials.

And if you are new to penetration testing and want to get hands on experience without spending a ton of money on expensive hardware.

You do not have to be a skilled hacker or programmer to use it. It will be beneficial to have some networking experience.

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