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Paros Kali Linux – Website Vulnerability Scanner

Kali linux tools – Paros – Website Vulnerability Scanner

Paros Kali Linux Tool – Website Penetration Testing


Paros Kali Linux is a Java based HTTP/HTTPS proxy for assessing web application vulnerability. Although Paros is well known in the web application security circles, it is less known in general web development circles.

On Kali Linux Paros include spiders, client certificate, proxy-chaining, intelligent scanning for XSS and SQL injections etc.

Paros includes some automated scanning tools, these are rather weak and Paros really shows its strength in the hands of a skilled penetration tester who knows what to look for.

Kali Linux Tutorial – Paros Website Vulnerability Scanner

This article will demonstrate just a few of the many uses of Paros that cross over both realms. The video bellow will show you how to use Paros on Kali Linux to scan a website.

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