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Unable To Locate Package – Fix Error – Kali Linux

How To Fix Unable To Locate Package on Kali Linux ?

Fix Unable To Locate Package on Kali Linux

fix unable to locate package kali linux

Unable to locate package is surely one of the most encounter errors on kali linux. To Fix this error you just need to update your source list repositories with the official kali linux packages list.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue reading.

Kali Linux Repositories Sources.list

To start fixing your Kali Linux repositories, make sure that you use root access using this command :

[email protected]:~# sudo su

And type your root password if required.

Go to the folder that contain the sources.list file :

[email protected]:~# cd /etc/opt/

Open the sources.list file using your preferred text editor, gedit or nano :

[email protected]:~# nano sources.list

Replace the file content with the following lines:

deb kali-rolling main contrib non-free
# For source package access, uncomment the following line
# deb-src kali-rolling main contrib non-free 

Save change and exit using CTRL+O and CTRL+X.

Now you just need to update and the error will disappear, with the following command:

[email protected]:~#  apt-get update

Congratulation! Now Unable To Locate Package on Kali Linux was successfully fixed, and you can install any tool on kali linux.

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This is a really frustrating error. What have you tried that seemed to work for you? We would be happy to expand on this resource, so others do not have to waste as much time finding a solution.


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