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How To Install Metasploit FrameWork On Android Phones [ Termux ]

Installing Metasploit Framework on Termux Android No Root Needed

Termux – Metasploit FrameWork Installation

How To Install Metasploit on Android Phone Using Termux

How to install Metasploit Framework on Android Phones without root is totally possible with Termux, an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required.

To Install Termux on your Android phone visit the official Termux website or install it from GooglePlay.

Metasploit on Android – Installation

If you wish to install the metasploit-framework all by itself (For you lazy people 😂) , You can use a shell script to install it.

cd $HOME
pkg install wget

This script will install the latest version of metasploit-framework.script also include some extras to make updating metasploit faster. If all goes well, i.e. No red colored warnings, you can start metasploit using ./msfconsole.

Or you can install Metasploit using Termux manually as shown on the video tutorial bellow :

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