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SiteBroker – Website Penetration Testing Tools

Kali Linux Tools – Website Penetration Testing – SiteBroker

SiteBroker – Kali Linux – Website Penetration Testing

sitebroker kali linux penetration testing website tools hack

SiteBroker is a cross-platform python based utility to penetrate websites and test them with approximately every angle.


  • Python (2.7.*)
  • Python pip
  • Python module requests
  • Python module colorama
  • Python module dnspython
  • Python module lxml
  • Python module bs4

Download SiteBroker

You can download the latest version of SiteBroker by cloning the GitHub repository.

git clone

SiteBroker – Installation

After downloading the latest version go to the sitebroker folder, and install modules

pip install -r requirements.txt


SiteBroker – Usage Example

This video tutorial will show you the usage of SiteBroker on Android phone installed using Termux:

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