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How To Use Fluxion on Kali Linux – Hack Wifi

How To Hack Wifi without Bruteforce or Wordlist on Kali Linux 2020

Kali Linux Tutorials – How To Use Fluxion

fluxion kali linux 2020

Fluxion can help you to hack into someones Wifi without Brute force or Wordlist, in this tutorial we will show you How To Use Fluxion on Kali Linux 2020.

As we knew Fluxion is compatible with the latest release of Kali Linux.

It’s a remake of Linset with less bugs and more functionality. The attack is mostly manual, but experimental versions will automatically handle most functionality from the stable releases.

The main advantage of fluxion is that it doesn’t use any wordlist or perform bruteforce attack to break the key. Fluxion creates an Open twin App of the targeted network. when someone tries to connect to that network, a fake authentication page pops up asking for key, fluxion captures that key and provides us.

This is a social engineering attack and it’s pointless to drag clients in automatically. The script relies on the fact that a user should be present in order to enter the wireless credentials. All of the traffic is being sinkholed to the built in captive portal via a fake DNS responder in order to capture the credentials.

Download And Install Fluxion – Kali Linux

To get Fluxion running on our Kali Linux 2018.1 system, clone and install the git repository with:

wget && bash

This command will automatically download and install the missing packages. Be patient and let it finish installing dependencies.

How To Use Fluxion on Kali Linux

The following video will show you How to use Fluxion on Kali Linux 2018.1 to hack into someones wifi without Bruteforce using an Evil Twin Attack.


Best Compatible Wireless Network Adapter for Wi-Fi Hacking on Kali Linux:

 TP-LINK TL-WN722N (Version 1 Only)
◽ Alfa AWUS036NH
◽ Alfa AWUS036NHA
◽ Panda PAU06
◽ Alfa AWUS036NEH
◽ Panda PAU09

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