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K4linux is a Blog that aims to provide latest updates from TechnologyTutorialsHow-Tos, and News bind to penetration testing and security.

K4linux is a personal website created by a group of geek addicted to the computer and everything about the virtual world, we’ll make tutorials of penetration tests and security in the most known of Linux distributions with all the necessary details, and with the presence of video “in the most cases” to help you.
We have several platforms in different type of social network like YoutubeFacebookGoogle+, and RSS where you can follow us to beings up to date for new publications, comment, and ask questions freely… we will be there close to you every moment to guide you and help you to solve your problems.

k4linux target all types of on line beginners and professionals of different age in the domain of the Technology to create a progressive world of knowledge.

we will be posting instructions guides, How-Tos, troubleshooting tips and tricks of all Linux distributions Open Source Technologies, and report the latest news and buzz in the Technology world Hacking World.
The main focus of k4linux is to transmit to you information more easily in the best ways. if you have any questions or looking for more information on our website please  : Contact Us.