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    C++ Programming Language For Hackers – The Basics [1]

    Learn C ++ Programming Language For Hackers [Lesson 1] C++ could be a programing language of the many completely different dialects, the same as the means that every language has many various dialects. In C++, dialects aren’t as a result of the speakers board the North or South. Instead, it’s as a result of there […] More

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    Essential Programming Languages for Hackers

    Learn Programming vs Learn Hacking: We get a hell lot of questions regarding“Learning to Hack” and “Which programming languages should I know to learn Hacking?”. So, today, we are going to discuss about some of The Essential Programming Languages which you should know in order to learn Hacking. So, let’s get started! Do you know […] More

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    How to Choose which Programming Language to learn?

    Programming Language for Hacking: Learning a programming language is becoming an invaluable life skill. Just twenty years ago, could you have imagined coding being taught in some public schools? I mean, it was only in 1982 that the Commodore 64 came out! It seems like it must have been eons ago, but that’s well within […] More